Free Range Poultry – Chicken Welfare

More and more people are becoming aware of the horror and distress experienced by caged animals. Many organizations are exposing the atrocities that goes inside most poultry farms. This raise awareness in people which makes them reconsider their lifestyle. Some people choose to become vegan and avoid meat and dairy products altogether. If you are thinking of changing your lifestyle to rid of the guilt that comes along with eating products from harmed animals, you don’t have to be a full-on vegan. You can still be a meat eater but you will need limitations on what you can eat.

free range chickensTo avoid the guilt that comes along with eating caged animals, you can go the free-range route. This is basically you only eating free-range, organic, or guilt-free animals. Free-range animals are basically animals that are raised in a free environment, no cage and no unnecessary antibiotics on their diet. These animals basically are in good welfare.

Benefits of providing your chicken good welfare

Free-range poultry animals are considered to be healthier than their caged animals. They basically contain no unknown chemicals and hormones which is present on all poultry animals. The reason they are healthier is they have the freedom to eat and roam as they please. Their diets aren’t limited to what is presented to them which allows them to choose what kind of food they need. They are also not given antibiotics unless prescribed by a veterinarian. Given the current antibiotic resistant epidemic, this seems like a good move.

Free-range animals have more freedom in the way that they live. They could roam freely and eat whatever they want. Animals have good sense of what to eat and what not to, which means that they can manage by themselves quite easily. Because of their freedom, they are generally stronger, healthier and happier compared to their caged counterparts. This adds to the healthiness of their meat and produce like milk or eggs.

What constitutes free ranging?

The term free ranging is sometimes used loosely by many farmers because that would mean more money for them because of the higher mark up. Many farmers that use warehouse for their livestock have been caught using the term free-range. That is the main reason why organizations like FREPA (Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia) were built. This organization aims to identify which companies provide the standard care to be considered free-range. They have a strict guideline before they tag a farm free-range or organic. This is especially helpful for people wanting to know where their eggs and meats come from.


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