Do You Want Chickens in Your Garden – Here Are Some Questions You Need to Answer First

Before you decide to get chickens in the garden, you need to ask these questions first. These questions will ultimately determine if you are ready to take care of poultry livestock or not. It’s actually not that hard to raise chickens but there are a few conditions that need to be met before you can effectively raise them.


I’m not going to go on and on about poultry farming and instead, just list all of the things you need in here, in a nice little list.


What kind of breed to consider


You need to have an idea of what kind of chicken breeds you want for your garden. If you don’t really put that much stock in the type of breed, you can get whatever you want. However, if you want particular traits for your chicken, you can easily find them using Google. There are many breeds to choose from depending on your needs. If you want bigger birds, there’s a breed for that. More egg production? There’s one for that. The point is, whatever traits you’re looking for, someone has them for you.


Think about their housing needs


You need to give enough space to your birds. Make sure that they have enough room to roam around to avoid them becoming territorial and fighting other birds inside their housing. If you allow them enough room, they can also increase their activities and become healthier and stronger. Chickens that are more active produce more eggs and become bigger.


Be mindful of what you feed them


A fully grown chicken will need about 120 grams of pellets per day. You can add scraps from your kitchen to their diet if you want to. They aren’t that much particular in what they eat which means that you can basically add leftovers on their diet. They can eat pasta, rice, corn, lettuce, and more.


Think about their security and protection


Another thing that you should keep an eye out is their protection. This consists of both the predators and in-fighting amongst themselves. There are times where you can’t control infighting among your flock of chickens but if you can help it, diffuse the fighting when you see it.


One thing that you can do to protect your birds is to install a fence around your backyard. This would prevent both big and small predators from snatching your chickens in the night. If you want a little extra protection, you can get an electric fence. This will shock predators as soon as they come in contact with the fence. This is a much better option since they won’t be coming back again after they receive their first shock.


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